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Two Mates - Cutting the BS!

We're a brand founded with the singular goal of making fresh coffee SIMPLE

We are here with a mission as clear as our packaging and thats to remove the general snobbery that surrounds most of the coffee industry

We are looking to start a #COFFEEREVOLUTION

Need a little more help?

Picking which coffee to buy online can be tough. We have already simplified the process of buying fresh coffee online.

However our quick coffee quiz makes choosing your perfect coffee blend even easier.

Doing Our Bit...

We are pleased to let you know our bags are 100% Recycable!

Enjoy our delicious coffee in our eco-friendly packaging.

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What Are Tasting Notes

Consider that first coffee in the morning hitting you strong with a hint of rich milk chocolate and caramel.

Then just consider how much better the day will be....

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Buy coffee online with confidence - 5* Trustpilot endorsed & all orders come with a Money back promise



So this will depend on what method you plan to brew you coffee with. This step can get very confusing given how many ways you can brew coffee.

However we kept this simple too and only have 4 options that cover all the bases.

1. WHOLE BEANS:For those looking to grind their own beans as they go for maximum freshness

2. CAFETIERE GRIND:The easiest of methods, a coarse grind perfect for brewing a cafetière

3. FILTER GRIND:A fine grind intended for paper filters, ideal for V60 pour-over or Aeropress

4. ESPRESSO GRIND:The finest grind we offer, spot on for stovetops and espresso machines

It's worth noting we are grind fresh to your needs, every time.

We offer 3 flagship blends.

The Daily Drinker - A blend that delivers incredible flavour but enough balance that your aren't left with 'cotton' mouth like you can be with some coffee. Making the ideal coffee to drink all day everyday.

The Deathly Strong - A blend that packs one hell of a punch. A blend that delivers both a strong flavour and intense caffeine kick

The One Decaf - A blend that is modeled around our Daily Drinker however without the typically caffeine content (Coffee must be sub 3% caffeine to be classed as Decaf). Making it ideal for those with a caffeine sensitivity but also for the evening.

Which blend you want only can tell but if your stuck then try our Coffee Quiz

These are simple 'hints' that can often be tasted within the coffee.

To be clear our coffee is not flavoured.



You can shop with us feeling 100% confident.

As if you don't LOVE your purchase, you can return it for FREE for a complete refund.

Even if you've opened and tried your coffee.

Unlike coffee from super-markets that can be 6 months old.

We roast fresh to order to ensure maximum freshness.

We currently only ship to the UK and Northern Ireland.

We will be looking to add other countries when we feel there is the demand to justify the large shipping cost

Register your interest in getting us to start shipping to your country

We have two shipping options:

Standard UK Shipping (2nd Class Royal Mail) - Arrives in 3-4 days (We roast to order!) - £2.95

Expedited UK Shipping (1st Class Royal Mail) - Arrives in 2-3 days (We roast to order!) - £3.95

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