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Our mission

Make delicious fresh coffee super simple and accessible to everyone 


- Honestly that's it!

Our Story 📖


We have been friends since 2015 and lets be clear we both love our coffee. In all honesty its probably one of the first things we bonded over.



We decided it was time to make coffee more than just a passion. We founded Caffin8 on the concept of making coffee easier for when we were on the go. Our coffee in a cup product was born. 


Feb 2019:

We decided that although we had a love for coffee we weren't feeling great about our coffee in a cup product. It wasn't good for the environment, it was good coffee but it was instant coffee which wasn't our passion so we got thinking about what issues we had seen so far in the industry.


Summer 2019:

We launch our new product line and official stop the coffee in a cup side of business. We found ourselves revitalised with a mission to bring really good fresh coffee to the 'everyman' in the simplest way possible. 

Born from our own experiences of staring for hours at coffee websites and the wall of coffee at supermarkets confused and frustrated that seemed like you needed a coffee PHD to actually know what you were buying. 

What We Sell

To make it simple we focused on delivering the best possible value and product with the fewest number of confusing words or choices.


As a result we have only have: 

4 Grind types,

3 flagship blends,

2 Delivery options and

1 Bag Size


The added benefit this provides is it means we spend so long on product development that we're therefore so damn confident in the quality of our product we provide a 'MONEY BACK PROMISE' of every single order.