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15 awesome gifts for coffee lovers this Christmas / BFCM 2020

The ultimate coffee gift giving guide  

So let's face it we all have that friend or family member who is addicted to coffee (and let me tell you if you don’t then it's probably you!). Now trying to get the right gift for that person can be tricky and if it's you then really knowing what options are out there is the hard part. 

This article is going to look at some of the best gifts on the market for a coffee fanatic (yourself included) as we lead up to Christmas and have ourselves an opportunity to take advantage of Black Friday sales to secure a bargain. 

Unfortunately we are not insiders to the sales that big online retailers will be offering Black Friday so can’t guarantee these will be discounted  during BFCM so we have listed the average price meaning if you find them cheaper then grab yourself a bargain. That said we will update this article with any offers we are aware of as we get closer.

We will cover a range of prices to ensure all areas of interest and gift giving are met, selecting 15 of the best options on the market. We will provide our 15 recommendations as follows: 5 options Under £10, 6 ideas between £10-50, and 4 suggestions above £50. We have kept them in price order and started with our cheapest recommendation 

We will include the standard UK shipping cost separately as an FYI only. Our focus is on the UK hence why pricing will be in £’s. 

We will cover some common items along with some less common ones - meaning the person you are buying for may already have one of our recommendations & we are in no way liable if they already have what you purchase them. 

We are in no way paid for any of these recommendations - even where discount codes have been provided

Click the links below to jump to a specific section: 

Under £10

£10 - £50


Under £10

So tackling the low budget options first is pretty vital, especially when quite often that coffee lover in our lives is someone from the office and most office secret santa’s allow for a £10 budget making this section ideal. Now this year is somewhat different we understand and office secret santas are less likely this year however this price bracket is also perfect for that person you just obliged to get something for but don’t want to spend a fortune. 

1. Grow your own coffee plant (£3.99 + Free shipping with Prime membership): 

So this is strangely enough a gift that divides more people than you can imagine because despite being clearly coffee themed and relatively low maintenance this gift also is a gift that requires a small amount of work. After all you are giving someone a set of coffee seeds to grow their own coffee plant indoors. This is essentially a gardening gift meaning those that aren’t green fingered may find this a little frustrating. 

Click here to get this Coffee Plant

coffee lovers grow your own coffee plant          grow your own coffee plant visual look at the coffee plant

2. Simple and Small Copper Coffee Caddy (£4 + £3.95 UK shipping):

A coffee caddy is something every person that loves fresh coffee should own as it helps keep your coffee fresh. This is a no frills, back-to-basics kind of gift but it’s definitely a gift that does ‘what it says on the tin’ (pardon the pun) and as a result it feels thoughtful. This particular version holds 250g and is copper which gives for a more high end feel making this a bargain at £4. 

Click here to get this Copper Coffee Caddy

copper caddy for ground coffee from Whittards          Close up of Copper Coffee Caddy - Ideal Coffee storage

3. Beautiful Set of Coffee ‘Pun’ Pencils (£7.95 + £0.95 UK shipping):

Pencils? I hear you ask. Yes really I am suggesting that pencils can be a pretty damn cool gift. For me I asked myself the same thing (pencils?) only 2 years back, until I received 2 pencils from a pack of 6 that looked very similar to these but were focused on procrastination saying - and love them! This set of pencils are well crafted and have a beautiful look and feel to them. They contain saying like ‘The Daily Grind’,  ‘Brew Can Do it’ and my personal favourite ‘Espresso Yourself’. A gift that is fun and functional but also perfect to use as a way to bulk out presents; you take the 5 pencils and split them and give a couple different people a pencil or two as a little ‘extra’ in their overall gift

Click here to get the Coffee Pun Pencils

coffee pun pencils - coffee based humour pencils           Coffee Lover Pencils - Nice presentation option

4. Fresh Bag of Coffee - Caffin8 Coffee (£8 + £2.95 shipping): 

Well what can I say on this one - naturally I am a little biased here given this is one of our products I am recommending but entertain me a little and let me tell you more. The world of coffee buying can be unbelievably complex  - you have to consider origin, blend, brewing method, grind size to name just a few so we went ahead and simplified it. We have kept our selection small and done the hard work by only giving you the information you truly need. By doing this we have focused on finding 3 coffees that are ideal for different occasions. 

We have the Daily Drinker (a coffee you can enjoy all-day long and never get that weird dry mouthfeel). Next is the Deathly Strong (a coffee that packs one hell of a punch for those times you need some serious get up and go). Lastly we have the One De-caf (a decaf coffee that doesn’t taste rubbish like most out there, this is a coffee that tastes great but doesn’t leave you with the caffeine buzz that normal caffeinated coffee does).

This is why our coffee is the perfect gift - you can introduce them to the new wave of coffee (coffee made simple) 

Click here to grab our Fresh Coffee


5. Personalisable Latte Spoon (£9.99 + £2.75 UK shipping):

This is the only gift in this bracket that comes with the added personal touch. A long spoon that is to be used for tall latte glasses like the ones you see in Costa. The added bonus with this spoon is that you can personalise it with someone’s name or even the way they take their coffee which makes the gift a little more thoughtful. Although ideal for tall coffee glasses this spoon is also perfect to eat a traditional sundae.

Click here to grab this Latte Spoon

personalised latte spoon          long handled latte spoon with custom text


Now the mid-range gift is often the most common price bracket given that this is a price bracket that is low enough to get cheap gifts for those you're less keen to shop for & fancy gifts for say the other half. For this reason we have 6 options for you. £10-50 really is a lot of financial ‘real estate’ when it comes to gift giving. 

6. Funny Coffee Mug (£12 + Free UK Shipping): 

A good portion of the UK have been stuck at home for a large part of the year and many are expecting to stay that way until mid-2021. Why not buy something for someone that they can use everyday and likely give them a chuckle as they use it. This is an Etsy store that sells mugs with ‘Whitty’ humour on them. My personal favourites are the trio of Captain Holt (from Brooklyn 99) & the duo of Donald Trump mugs they sell. £12 includes UK shipping making this a great gift without breaking the bank. You can be confident in shopping with them as at time of writing this they have sold over 500 mugs and got over 60 x 5* reviews. 

We have also been able to get 10% discount - just use the following code at the checkout: CAFFIN8

Click here to grab a Whitty Mug at a discount  

funny coffee mug - brooklyn 99 and funny quarantine sayingFunny coffee cup - donald trump and brooklyn 99

7. Caffin8 Coffee - Exploration Bundle/Gift Bundle (Start at £17 + Free UK Shipping):

So another one from us here but this time i’ll keep it short and sweet. This festive season we are launching a gift bundle alongside our current exploration bundle. Our exploration bundle is where we ship you all 3 of our different coffees to try. Whereas our new gift bundle will come in a variety of options and is aimed at making coffee at home fun and easy. You will be able to pick any one of our 3 coffees in any of our 4 grind types. Plus you will get to pick from an added; Cafetiere, V60, Mug or gift card that will then be placed in a nice gift ready box. We will be offered gift wrapping service with this. All orders will dispatch together in two shipments to ensure coffee freshness. Orders will be shipping on 4th December and 14th December - So why not pre-order one now. The other benefit of these is that we have bundled these items together , and slashed the price for you.

Click here to grab our Gift Bundles



8. Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit (£29.95 + £2.75 UK shipping):

So at first glance this may feel a little pricey considering you don't get a glass but Caffin8 Co-founder Rory got one of these as a present a little while back and honestly he loved it. You receive enough ingredients to make around 4-6 cocktails. The kit includes pretty much everything you need and Taste Cocktails even has a gift note & gift wrap option available which means it’s the perfect gift to send straight to that coffee loving friend. 

The recipient only needs to source the following: 

  • Espresso coffee (we can help there funny enough)
  • Sugar
  • Ice
  • A cocktail shaker & strainer
  • Martini glasses or tall glasses

Given everything that has happened this year - we think that a gift that gives someone something to do from the safety of their own home is a really thoughtful gift. Skip the classic - i didn’t know what to get you so i got you a voucher for the cinema and get them something that will be entertaining and give them something to look forward to.

Click here to grab this Cocktail Kit

taste cocktails - espresso martini home cocktail kit         Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit - All Alcohol included

9. AeroPress with Travel Bag (£29.99 + Free shipping with Prime membership):

A great piece of kit to brew coffee with. It’s actually a gift I got someone as a work leaving present and I must say it went down a treat. This is a simple and compact method to brew coffee and ideal for making a cup on the go. It comes with a nice travel bag so when you're staying in a hotel there is no need to settle for crap coffee as it can easily be stowed into your luggage. Not much more needs to be said on this in our opinion. All in, this is a great piece of kit and good value for money at £30 considering that comes with free next day shipping for prime customers but if you see this any cheaper around the sale season we think you should grab yourself a bargain (just make sure you are getting the one with the bag).

Click here to get this Travel AeroPress

AeroPress Coffee Maker Travel Kit          AeroPress Coffee Maker in travel bag

10. Personalised Tea/Coffee Sweet Serving Tray (£35 + £3.75 shipping):

We think this little gift has parent vibes all over it - however that doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t love this gift. When looking at this gift it feels homely, sophisticated and sweet (due to personalisation) which we feel makes it the perfect gift for Mum or Dad (or whoever you consider in that light). The personalisation aspect of this gift gives that little extra ‘gin ne sais quoi’ that we think will wow anyone but let's be real - parents love that kind of thing! Ultimately the other beauty of this little gem is that it is not exclusively for coffee lovers, those parents that love tea (every parent in the UK right?), will love this too. You can choose up to 60 characters of custom text meaning there is plenty of space for a nice personal message.

Click here to grab this Personalised Serving Tray 

Coffee and Tea serving tray - Personalisable.          Empty Personalisable Coffee and sweet serving tray

11. Personalise Cafetiere and Cup for 1 (£48.75 + Free UK shipping):

Now this is definitely on the top end of our £50 budget but we love this little piece. 

A great way to add a pop off colour to someone's coffee experience or kitchen. The cafetiere stacks on top of the mug making this relatively compact. Although the cafetiere itself isn’t customisable it does have a nice mountain and sun motif with the phrase “Rise & Shine”. The coffee mug part of this gift however is personalisable with a total of 32 characters across 2 lines of text. One added bonus is that this is actually hand etched in a studio in Liverpool which we think makes this somewhat different from most personalised items on the market.

Click here to get this Cafetiere and Mug

Cafetiere and Mug Combo - Personalise it          Stackable Cafetiere and Coffee Mug - Personalise this gift

Over £50

Now for the slightly pricer items on our list. They might be the most expensive items on our list but they definitely pack a impressive 'punch'

12. Wacaco Minipresso GR - Compact travel Espresso Maker (£52.99 + Free shipping with Prime membership):

This little thing only just breaks into our £50+ section but that’s because it brings a level of indulgence to enjoying coffee on the go. It’s a manual operated piece of kit that works by combining a filter and cafetiere approach to coffee to deliver an espresso style crema that we all yearn for (allows the water to pass through the coffee while adding pressure to extract the goodness). Definitely a sophisticated gift but it's compact, easy to transport and will be the kind of unique gift you can be sure they don’t already own. All in the AeroPress we listed above is slightly better value for money as a coffee maker given they can both be taken on the go, but the uniqueness  of this piece of kit along with the espresso style coffee that you get is what drew us to include it.

Click here to get this Travel Espresso Maker

Mini Espresso Travel Maker          Included with the Mini Travel Espresso Maker

13. 4 Cup Morphy Richards Bean to Cup - Drip Machine (£99.99+ Free shipping with Prime membership):

Think back to any Hollywood film where the actor/actress was making coffee at home and you are most likely thinking of a machine like this. This is a full blown American style filter coffee machine. It comes with a couple of cool and handy functions including; a grinder, a timer and a keep warm feature. We have chosen the 4 cup capacity version as it was actually £15 cheaper and came with free prime delivery compared to the smaller slightly more compact 2 cup version. Ultimately both have the same features and are excellent machines. The machine can handle pre-ground coffee or it can grind as you go. The keep warm function is perfect for those days stuck at home as you can make a pot of coffee in the morning and pretty much have ‘ready to go’ coffee whenever you want. Personally for me this is in many ways the ultimate home coffee machine that is sub-£100 and isn’t a full blown Barista style espresso machine which honestly makes this such a great gift option. We would gladly take something like this over one of those pod style machines.

Click here to grab this Feature Filled Filter Coffee Machine

Morphy Richards - Bean to Cup Coffee brewing machine          Bean to Cup coffee machine - integrated bean grinder

14. Sage Barista Express (£549 + Free UK shipping):

Seriously we cannot rave about this machine enough. Both the founders of Caffin8 coffee own one of these bad boys and honestly they are incredible. Without a doubt not the kind of present you are buying for a fair weather friend given the price tag, however maybe for a partner or even a parent (to say thanks for all they do) and if not then this is definitely something to gift yourself. This machine is such a lovely entry espresso machine - with its own built in burr grinder, a milk steaming wand and a milk jug with built in thermometer it has all the core components needed to take your home coffee game to the elite level. 

Despite the hefty price listed above and our overall love for this machine we don’t believe you should be paying £549 for this machine. This is however the best ‘standard’ price we have found (the standard price is offered more expensive than we have seen in the past as this has become so popular). John Lewis is £50 cheaper than Sage Appliances themselves, they are the same price as on Amazon but John Lewis provides a 2 year warranty instead of 1 year. We believe this machine is best purchased when on offer for around £350 (that’s the price Jake - Caffin8 Coffee Cofounder- paid in March as we headed into quarantine) 

Just don't make the same mistake Jake did and order a separate milk jug. This bit of kit comes with a milk jug that has a built in thermometer per picture below. 

Click here to grab The Safe Barista Express

Barista Express - All In One Home Coffee Machine by Sage          Best Home Espresso Machine on the Market - Barista Express

15. IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster (£970 + Free UK Shipping):

Well let’s just say when picking this one we may have gotten a little carried away given the large price tag but we feel there is a relatively good reason here. 

This is extravagance to the max but we think roasting your own coffee at home is the ultimate level of coffee geekiness. Ultimately this is the kind of coffee gift for the true coffee fanatic that literally has everything else they could possibly want - the kind of gift you buy for the likes of Jay-Z or Kim Kardashian-West - that said we still felt we had to include it. The price tag does mean it’s most likely a gift for yourself. 

This machine looks great with its sleek design and is relatively small, making it perfect to sit on the kitchen countertop. You are also able to connect this machine to your phone in order to be able see the temperature and roasting journey of your coffee beans. A machine that is designed and assembled in London.

Extra Note: 

Another thing they offer is an interest free 12 month payment option which is a nice little extra thing to know (no credit checks, no applications and no late fees) - This is not financial advice.

Click here to grab this Home Roasting Machine 

Everything you need to start roasting coffee at home          Home Coffee Roaster with Mobile App

To Conclude:

So that concludes our coffee gift giving guide. We think we have covered the bases nicely and have hopefully helped you come up with great gift ideas in a price bracket that suits you. 

If you hear or see of a deal on any of these products then please let us know in the comments so we can update the article to help others find it.

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